New NZ copyright laws – are they fair?

On January 30, 2009, in culture, music, technology, by Dr Hitchcock

The New Zealand Government has passed a law which could result in people having their internet service cut by their ISP for being ACCUSED, not found guity, of breaching copyright. At the mo it’s gonna be law by the end of February 09. I don’t know heaps about this law but from what I do know I don’t agree.  I do think that current copyright laws have not kept up with culture and technology and that this is the issue that needs addressing.

Does anyone else have a good grasp on this issue?

Here is a whole bunch of links to help you try and get your head around what’s happening:

The new law change –
The Creative Freedom Foundation –
Potenital alternative to existing copyright laws –


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One Response to New NZ copyright laws – are they fair?

  1. Simon says:

    I love our government.
    How it has worked in the past (for filesharing via torrenting, anyway) is that overseas anti-piracy organisations track downloads of copyrighted material, and then proceed to sent threatening letters to the ISP’s of the users involved (this happened to myself this year, and I was temporarily kicked off my connection).
    Until this law kicks in, the ISP’s don’t really have to do much (unless they are little bitches, like xnet) as these angry letters are not much more than routinely sent copypasta, and are more of just a hopeful threat than any solid action. Once this law is passed, it will LEGALLY become the ISP’s resposibilty to disconnect you if you have letter(s) or email(s) sent to them… even without any proof that you have indeed broken the law. ISP’s will have to spend money not on upgrading services, but on making sure that their users aren’t going to get them, the ISP, in trouble… Great huh? Oh, and Korea plan to have 1gb/s internet by 2012, so a 120 min movie in 12 seconds…. We are living in the past, yay.

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