RedHead Outdoors – i don’t know why

On May 21, 2009, in music, review, by Dr Hitchcock
RedHead Outdoors

RedHead Outdoors

Personally, I like bad boys. I particularly like bad boys who can sing and scream at the same time. The singer of RedHead Outdoors just broke my heart in this sense. In the band’s freshly baked song I don’t know why he resurrects the anarchic rebel spirit of Sid Vicious. I’m not talking about the way it sounds, but the way it makes me behave. Jumping on the bed, hitting the walls, shouting, and swearing may be, are strongly recommended. This will help to discover another side of the composition.

And yes, back to the singer. I do not even know his name; Wikipedia is, as yet, silent about his personal details. After thoroughly surfing the Internet the band remains a total enigma. The only fact I discovered was that RedHead Outdoors has many Myspace friends. Touching, but not all that helpful.

The band’s disco punk sound is bright and vigorous, and I totally loved the main guitar motif. However, it wasn’t enough to make me like the song. Seconds 54,55 and 56 of the second minute of the composition radically changed my mind. Just out of the blue in the middle of the song I could hear a distinctive eight-beat sound that brought back memories of a good old Pacman. I’m not sure if it was intentional of the band’s members to insert this part into the song in order to make the listener nostalgic, but it worked for me.

Mint singer, mint band, mint song.

MP3: RedHead Outdoors – i don’t know why

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9 Responses to RedHead Outdoors – i don’t know why

  1. Stanley M. says:

    Hey! Redhead outdoors is from south brazil, form a smallish city called Tramandai, The synth girl was my host sister for an exchange back in ’06.

  2. Dux says:

    hey hey there! RedHead Outdoors its one of the best electro punk bands ever! I found them in My Space time ago and they are awesome!

  3. Biih says:

    they use sounds remembers me video-game.
    omg that sound is not pacman sound is mario’s mushroom!!!
    they kickass ;D

  4. Matheus Marcondes says:

    I don’t like to much this kind of sound
    its to much simple but i admite they have a point to talk about games
    its kinda fun but not my style

  5. AnaClan says:

    Hey, hi Friends!

  6. junior says:

    o nome do cara é jay.

  7. -purple' says:

    hi guys! i believe in you.
    you are very, very good!
    bye bye and… MSFG (money, sucess, fame and glamour)! 😀

    p.s. MSFG by ‘montage’.

  8. Anubis Montagner says:

    He’s name is Jai.

  9. Bruno Muck says:

    Well, I’m a Juli’s(bass girl) brothers’ friend an I had the oportunnity to se them playing in my front and they are realy good.

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