Us Against The City Vol. 1

On May 11, 2009, in music, by Dr Hitchcock

Us Against The City, it’s the name of one of my favourite songs off Shocking Pinks album “Dance the Dance Electric” and it’s what I’m calling my new music mix series. Volume 1 features Miss Kitten & The Hacker,  Tiga, Peaches, Boards of CanadaEfdemin and Air. Many thanks to my darling Claire for her help on the audio bits and pieces. And anyone who comments on blog posts in May will receive a Starlifter.TV badge/button. Chur!

MP3: Us Against The City Vol. 1 – Dr Hitchcock

:: Dr H

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2 Responses to Us Against The City Vol. 1

  1. TwEQ says:

    awesome bro… keep up the good work!

  2. nurse nos says:

    the city don’t stand a chance!

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