Cosmetic Mushrooms | Starlifter.TV

On May 21, 2020, in 8K.NZ, Starlifter.TV, by Dr Hitchcock

Novation Twitch controller used for this set.

Right on hip cats! I present to you my first solid electronic dance set in long while. My good friends Markj and Tom Cosm put me on to some solid tunes and I just couldn’t wait to lay them down. I can’t wait to play them out on a big ass system sometime 🤩


  1. Mushrooms (Justin Martin remix) – Marshall Jefferson vs Noosa Heads
  2. Cosmetic Ecstasy (Terr remix) – Daniel Watts
  3. Sween – Villa
  4. More Than Love (Proudly People remix) – Chicks Luv Us
  5. Waka – Maximono
  6. Flubblebuddy – Claude Vonstroke
  7. Remedy (extended mix) – Ferreck Dawn Feat. Shyam P
  8. Banano (German Brigante remix) – Affkt
  9. Ironee – Dousk & Andree Eskay
  10. Morphine (original mix) – Konstantin Yoodza & Dhyan Droik
  11. Atlas – Artbat
  12. The Drugs – Detuned
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This will be our year | Starlifter.TV

On May 7, 2020, in 8K.NZ, Starlifter.TV, by Dr Hitchcock

Album covers of songs played in this weeks show

In these crazy times I am trying to be optimistic yet cheeky. 90s pop, computer game music, psychedelic 60s rock pop, ambient and dark techno does this for me. If it sounds like you, tune in 🎧🙏


  1. The Cardigans – Carnival
  2. Sakai Asuka, Billy Valentine, Jaq Becker – A Long Time: The Six Years
  3. The Zombies – This Will Be Our Year (Mono version)
  4. Shadowgraphs – I’ve been around
  5. Life Without Buildings – New Town
  6. Deradoorian – Saturnine Night
  7. Roy Montgomery – Landfall (feat Liz Harris)
  8. Mister Lies – Ashore
  9. Aleksandir – Yamaha
  10. Dosem – Instead
  11. Timothy Clerkin – Psalm
  12. Shaded – My Stimuli
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We’re finally landing | Starlifter.TV Show

On April 3, 2020, in 8K.NZ, Starlifter.TV, by Dr Hitchcock

The Starlifter.TV studio - April 2020

If you are up for cutesie Kiwi indie, 60s psych rock, post punk, JPop and a Bowie cover listen in! The Starlifter.TV Show on Just what you need, when you’re not quite sure what you need.

Show set list in Spotify

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Guitar Media show profile image

This show is dedicated to Timmy Dodgers, former show host of Guitar Media. A radio show that aired on RDU 98.5FM from the early 2000s to 2010. He died late last week and we’re all gonna miss him so dearly.

On this almost entirely vinyl show I feature Aussie garage rock, post-punk, pscyh rock, as well as a double helping of Bowie.

RIP Timmy Dodgers.


Setlist for Timmy Dodgers tribute show

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