RIP it up Andrew Weatherall | Starlifter.TV Show

On February 27, 2020, in 8K.NZ, Starlifter.TV, by Dr Hitchcock

This show I dedicate to the master of sound Andrew Weatherall. He was a true pioneer of sound and helped us get through some tough times. RIP man.

Psyche rock remixes, shoegaze malaise with a riff of deep house to bring you to where you are.



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In this mostly rock based meander we mix the old with the new, including the latest track from Stephen Malkmus. Psychedelic folk is here to stay baby just before we reconnect with our feels. The show is rounded off with some bleeps and boops to settle things down, enjoy!

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I am the future | Starlifter.TV Show

On January 23, 2020, in New to Starlifter, by Dr Hitchcock
Album covers of four songs played on this show

Well it’s 2020 so why not try and be the future! Here’s the latest audio for the Starlifter.TV Show on 8K.NZ. Enjoy!

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Cover art for Dr Hitchcock's set from "Something Else 2019"

On November 16 2019 I had the absolute honor and pleasure of playing the “Tentacool” zone at the Something Else festival in North Canterbury, New Zealand, Aotearoa. It’s my best set in years and traverses techno, electro, disco and house. Enjoi!!
MP3 download link:


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