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On November 22, 2010, in MP3 Download, New to Starlifter, Playlist, by Dr Hitchcock

Sup cats,

Here’s the latest to be added to Starlifter Radio. And a few downloads for ya too. Make sure you get a copy of Nervous and Alphabet Soup. Just unbelievably um!!

Dr H

Artists – Song – Info

Pikachunes – Nervous – Lil Chief Records [CHCH/NZ] Free Download
Yelle – La Musique – Kitsune Music [France] Buy from Amazon
Waxdolls – Spoilt Rich Bitches
Daft Punk – Derezzed (Tron Legacy Soundtrack – NTEIBINT Remix) [France]
Digitalism – Blitz [Germany]
Tom Cosm – BubbleButt (Nørt Rmx) [CHCH/NZ]
Isaac Chambers – Siberia [CHCH/NZ]
Röyksopp -Forsaken Cowboy – Senoir [Norway] Buy from Amazon
Stephen Farris – Radio Drifter – Alphabet Soup EP [Houston, TX, USA] Free Download

Daft Punk – TRON: Legacy – Derezzed

On October 30, 2010, in video, by Dr Hitchcock

Um… SEX! This is the shiz yo!

To download a remix of the song visit this blog

Buy: Daft Punk – Tron Legacy OST

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