Electro Pussy Posse IRL - Tartan Pride - Side 1

Electro Pussy Posse "IRL - Tartan Pride - Side 1"

UPDATE: You can now listen to ‘Ireeeeeeeene’ the latest single from “IRL – Tartan Pride – Side 1”
Listen online here: http://twt.fm/220899
Download from here

Last night Pitch Brown and I had a wee too much Whiskey and churned out this highly memorable Electro Pussy Posse JAM. It’s a jam, not a single and it’s about 30mins long but does include samples from Jeramiah Ross, Erin Hutching, Julia Campbell, Pitch Brown’s niece, some cats I sampled on Second Life and of course myself.

It’s called “IRL – Tartan Pride – Side 1” and you can listen to it online here: http://twt.fm/157229
Or download it from here: http://tiny.cc/IRLTartanPrideSide1

Pitch Brown plays a beautiful RED Korg Electribe SX. Dr H plays Adobe Audition,  and Serato Scratch Live with some lovely Technics SL-1200MK2s.

:: Dr H

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Mixtape Sessions – 27-05-09 [Special Edition 2009]

On June 20, 2009, in music, radio, by Dr Hitchcock

At the end of May a show host couldn’t do his show on RDU so I thought why not throw a Mixtape Sessions show for old times. Mixtape Sessions was the show I started on RDU around 5 years ago. Over the years I played rock, indie, bootlegs (unofficial remixes), hip hop, electro, minimal and heaps of random samples. I had a great time and I reckon this show went really well. It definately brought back fond memories, I really miss having my own radio show. Anyway, have a listen for yourself!

:: Dr H

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While Coco Solid was snuggled under her electric blanket we about her time at the Red Bull Music Academy, the politics of the creative industries and her latest song Turtle Pizza Cadillacs which she produced with Denmark producer Robin Hannibal.

MP3: Coco Solid chats with Dr H (right click then “save as”)


:: Dr H

Thought Creature – You Telepathy

On May 24, 2009, in music, parties, review, video, by Dr Hitchcock

Thought Creature played a fucking amazing set here in Christchurch last night, TWICE! They played a sold out all age gig at the legendary Media Club with support sets from Hypercolour (MEGA_UBER_MADNESS and it was their 1st ever set), Brains (FUCKIN_WOWO_PLUS_DELUXE), and Shocking Pinks who primarily played sans-vocal versions of songs off their debut release Dance the Dance Electric, my absolute favourite SP album.  And then TC packed out Goodbye Blue Monday, smashing the collective conscious of the present party participants. GBM was so fill in fact that some punters opened the window side of stage so that the sounds could flow into the courtyard. These particularly dedicated party peeps started their own little dance floor. Mr Bass Man from TC would occassionally pass through the window to play the odd song on this newly cleared dance floor. MADNESS.

Anyways, here’s the video that the tour was in aid of. FUCKIN’ trip yo! Do it!