Electro Pussy Posse “IRL – Tartan Pride – Side 1”

Electro Pussy Posse IRL - Tartan Pride - Side 1
Electro Pussy Posse "IRL - Tartan Pride - Side 1"

UPDATE: You can now listen to ‘Ireeeeeeeene’ the latest single from “IRL – Tartan Pride – Side 1”
Listen online here: http://twt.fm/220899
Download from here

Last night Pitch Brown and I had a wee too much Whiskey and churned out this highly memorable Electro Pussy Posse JAM. It’s a jam, not a single and it’s about 30mins long but does include samples from Jeramiah Ross, Erin Hutching, Julia Campbell, Pitch Brown’s niece, some cats I sampled on Second Life and of course myself.

It’s called “IRL – Tartan Pride – Side 1” and you can listen to it online here: http://twt.fm/157229
Or download it from here: http://tiny.cc/IRLTartanPrideSide1

Pitch Brown plays a beautiful RED Korg Electribe SX. Dr H plays Adobe Audition,  and Serato Scratch Live with some lovely Technics SL-1200MK2s.

:: Dr H