Hey Starlifters!

Rob and Lu hosted a comedy special of the Hottest Whatever show in April in celebration of the 2012 Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Check it out!

1) The Muppets – I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts
2) Rhod Gilbert – Stand up (Welsh)
3) Tim Minchin – Ginger (UK/AU)
4) Flight of the Concords – You’re so beautiful (NZ)
5) Axis of Awesome – Four chord hits (AU)
6) Spike Milligan – Bad Jelly the Witch (UK)
7) Scared weird Little Guys – Tourism AU Parody (AU)
8) Robin Williams – Good Morning Vietnam (Radio Clip) USA
9) Hanibal Buress – Stand up (USA)
10) David Doherty – My Beefs 2011 (UK)
11) Jeff Green – Stand up 2011(UK)
12) Bill Bailey – Apocalyptic Rave (UK)

Download MP3: Hottest Whatever – Comedy Show Special with Lu and Rob – April 2012

Dr H