Up At The Downs – Tom Cosm [Video]

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I can’t believe I just found this video. Canaan Downs was where I spent New Years Eve although I wasn’t there for Tom’s set. Our boy Ez did a great job on the video. WOW!


Up At the Downs – Tom Cosm Live @ Canaan Downs 2009 from Tom Cosm on Vimeo.

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Tom Cosm performing at Canaan Downs Festival this New Years Eve

Apex Beat and I and a whole bunch of kids from Starlifter.TV are getting ready for a rad new years eve up the hill at the Canaan Downs Festival. If you know of The Gathering that’s good because this party takes place at the same place. We had a great time there last year and we can’t wait until next time. It’s a party based around the community, friends, family, fun and love. Come party with us yo! Apex Beat and I are playing on New Years Eve in the 3rd Resistance zone so if you find yourself there come and say hi!

Some of party peeps that are playing are:
Tom Cosm
Ed Muzik
Sam Hunt
Charlie ASH
An Emerald City
Antix / Fiord
Little Bushman
Invader Tron
Camo MC
Sticky Fingaz
Psymon Barnett
Tiny Paper Daggers
The Undercurrents
Cowboy Machine

For more details visit these places online:
General info: http://www.canaandowns.com/festival
Full Line Up: http://canaandownsfestival.wordpress.com/category/the-zones/
Videos and guff: http://www.youtube.com/user/canaandownsfestival

Dr H


‘Heaps Good Strong Board’ is the latest offering from Christchurch musician Tom Cosm, a man well renowned for his musical mana, his grippingly interactive website and all round willingness to give you a great big musical backrub. Not only does this wee number come free of charge from his website (www.tomcosm.com), but it is accompanied with a barrage of tips and advice on how to get behind the decks yourself. This track is unmistakable Cosm at his foot stomping best, and while he has laid the foundations of the cut with his distinctive glitchy, yet water tight electro inferno, he keeps up the interest by painting over the ‘Tom-foolery’ with a number of inter-textual pop culture references, sound bytes and alarmingly recognisable voiceovers. For a man who puts TV on par with doing dishes or filing tax returns, I was blown away by how many of these I recognised. Simply put, this track is as hooky as a tackle shop, and takes the listener on a dance ridden journey, from the opening Animal Collectivesque intro to the ‘four to the floor’ final stanza. At price that will set you back about as much as air does these days, it is guaranteed to make your toes move. Get it now!

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Friday Drive on RDU 24th October 2008 [Radio Show]

On October 24, 2008, in culture, parties, radio, by Dr Hitchcock

Howdy yo! Here’s the lowdown on what I played on the Friday Drive show on RDU 98.5 FM today.


Olmecha Supreme – thieves of sadness
Tom Cosm – heaps good strong board (download for free from cosm.co.nz)
{Surf Report}
The Pains of being Pure at Heart – this love is fucking right
The Late Greats – he’s not it
Dimmer – degrees of existence
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – golden frost
The Tambourines – 31st floor
I was a Cub Scout – our smallest adventure
The National – mistaken for strangers
Butthole Surfers – pepper
Daft Punk – da funk (Johnatron edit)


The Girls – not I
The Mots – halfway through making myself (AK/NZ)
Benga – someone 20
[Interview with Module (www.module.co.nz)]
Module – the chop shop
Rex The Dog – maximise 2008

ZZT – the worm (Database Rework of Erol Alkans Work)
[Nu Noyzzzze] Denmark Street – the new world
The Black Angels – science killer (http://tinyurl.com/y6wx27 & www.northernstarrecords.co.uk)
Koushik – bright and shining
Streetlife DJs – gunn crime (Streetlife Soundsystem remix)
Le Castle Vania – zero machine
6pm [Starlifter.TV Showcase]
Rare Shot Blue – In Studio – Part 1
{Gig Guide}
Rare Shot Blue – In Studio – Part 2
Tom Cosm & Module – venus (full length version)
DJ Sneak – acid talks
Fujiya & Miyagi – knickerbocker

Dr H

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