Charlie ASH – wake up (you’re not asleep now)

On May 7, 2009, in music, review, by Dr Hitchcock

Charlie Ash are back on the scene, and things are good. Despite some killer remixes of their gym-cardio-room classic O’Baby last year, I have heard little from the frizzy haired figureheads of four to the floor, dance pop for a while. Well, they’re back and in striking form. Of late, they’ve dropped a thrilling single, Wake Up (You’re Not Asleep Now), packed up their synthesisers and headed to the motherland for a string of shows and a good helping of life on the road. Wake Up, is a vocal driven floor filler, with Rosie’s tones oozing with docile husk and ever-shifting imperative. The chorus is more infectious than swine flu, has a synth line reminiscent of Radiohead’s Exit Music to a Film and drips with dance-floor chic. This track is another stepping stone to super stardom, and another peacock feather in the collective hats for one of New Zealand’s finest. Download it now!

MP3: Charlie ASH – wake up (you’re not asleep now)

:: Tom Darlow

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